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Winter Spotlight

Beautiful Snow Posing Who wouldn't love some Snow this year?

Two Years. Two long years. It's hard to believe that one of our bravest, sweetest, and most loved dogs first came to A Dog's Life Rescue two years ago. This Taiwanese Mountain Dog has come a long way in that time, both emotionally and physically. And though we know her story will have a happy ending, the beginning started in the worst way possible - an inhumane trap.

Snow was found in a farmer's field in Taiwan, pulling her badly injured leg from a cruel animal trap. Heartbroken rescuers were forced to amputate the leg, but even though they were short on resources, they refused to release her back onto the streets. Desperate to give her a better life, they looked for help on the other side of the world. That's how Snow got a plane ticket to Los Angeles.

When she landed at LAX, Snow was shy, missing a leg, and in a world of strange people who looked and sounded unlike anyone she had ever met. Understandably, it took her a long time before she started coming out of her shell, but slowly her spirited demeanor began to emerge. She plays, she sunbathes, she snuggles - life as a tripod doesn't seem to hold her back at all.

All she needs now is a home and a person she can love and trust. Let's make this the summer of Snow. If you want to bring this adorable girl into your life, please contact

Why we Rescue

We do what we do because of our great love for animals. It's a community effort though and we at A Dog's Life Rescue could not make the difference we make without the help of our adopters, fosters, donors and incredible volunteers. Thank you to all of you! Please check out this video for a glimpse of some of the lives you have helped us save.


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