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ADLR is a not for profit, all volunteer, organization dedicated to saving and bettering the lives of dogs and other animals by providing them with shelter, care, and rehabilitation both medically and emotionally.  Further, we continuously strive to promote the importance of spaying and neutering as well as the ethical treatment of all animals through community outreach, education and free spay and neuter services. 


About Us

Julia Pennington and Allison Lange have been working in animal rescue for 17 years. In 2005 they co-founded A Dog’s Life Rescue, a non profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to saving the lives of animals abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles as well as those most likely to be overlooked in the shelter system due to illness, injuries or fearfulness.  ADLR has always focused on rescuing the "underdog" because we feel those are the ones who need us the most.  We do what we do because of our great love for animals. However it's a community effort and we at A Dog's Life Rescue could not make the difference we make without the help of our adopters, fosters, donors and incredible volunteers. Thank you to all of you!


Meet some of our animals who are waiting for their forever home.  Email adoptions@adogsliferescue.org with questions about adopting.


Helping our community is important to us.


Our Programs

The ADLR team has worked tirelessly over the years and have saved thousands of animals in need. Sadly, despite the effort of ADLR and many other organizations, the number of animals being killed in our city and county shelters or abandoned on the streets has not lessened. Thousands of innocent companion animals are still killed in our city and county every year simply because there are too many. The best way to prevent over-population is Spay and Neutering. So A Dog’s Life Rescue is now focusing on a free spay/neuter program. 

Free spay/neuter

We believe Spay/neuter is the answer to reducing the number of unwanted and homeless pets so our free spay/neuter program is an important focus for A Dog's Life Rescue.  Fixing a pet is expensive and many households can’t afford it.  With ADLR’s free spay/neuter program, we fully fund a spay/neuter van that goes into a lower income neighborhood for the day where we offer to examine, fix, vaccinate and micro-chip pets.  We also have a tag machine there so people can customize a tag for their pet and when they do we also provide them with a new collar.  To make a tax deductible donation to help support our Free Spay/Neuter Program, click here

Medical assistance

We hate the thought of somebody having to give up or euthanize their pet because they cannot afford a needed medical treatment or surgery. Through our Medical Assistance Program, A Dog’s Life Rescue has covered medical cost for many pets over the years so they can return home to their loving family. To learn more about this program and/or apply for assistance, click here.


Cat Community 

A Dog’s Life Rescue has been working diligently with local business owners in several neighborhoods to better situations where cats have been abandoned. Through sterilization, vet care, placement of the tamable cats, and a ton of hard work, not only are hundreds of cats’ lives significantly improved, the population growth halted but the business owners and neighbors are all thrilled as well.  To read more about our Cat Community Program click here.




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