A Dog's Life Rescue is not taking in new animals at this time. If you are considering giving up your pet or if you found a lost or stray animal, check out our resource posts above.



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Free Spay/Neuter

"Help Control The Pet Population, have your pet spayed or neutered." - Bob Barker

We believe Spay/neuter is the answer to reducing the number of unwanted and homeless pets so our free spay/neuter program is an important focus for A Dog's Life Rescue.  Fixing a pet is expensive and many households can’t afford it.  With ADLR’s free spay/neuter program, we fully fund a spay/neuter van that goes into a lower income neighborhood for the day where we offer to examine, fix, vaccinate and micro-chip pets.  We also have a tag machine there so people can customize a tag for their pet and when they do we also provide them with a new collar. Our Free Spay/Neuter event schedule will be posted soon here.


Medical Assistance

Helping get medical attention to pets when emergencies arise.  

We hate the thought of somebody having to give up or euthanize their pet because they cannot afford a needed medical treatment or surgery.  Through our Medical Assistance Program, A Dog’s Life Rescue helps cover medical costs for our four-legged, winged and even scaly loved one so they can return home to their family. Decisions on grants for assistance are based upon several factors, including: medical urgency, financial need, available funding, and eligibility. Due to the overwhelming number of applications we receive, we cannot help everyone.

  • Grant guidelines

    • The applicant must be seeking assistance for one animal with a life-threatening injury or illness that requires urgent and specific treatment.

    • Must have a diagnosis and treatment plan from a veterinarian.

    • Treatment must have a good or favorable outcome.

    • Proof of income must be provided upon request.

    • The animal must be spayed or neutered (if the animal is not already spayed/neutered, please include plans for having this done when submitting the application. See our Free Spay/Neuter program if needed).

    • The applicant must also attempt to find funding through their own means. (see our list of suggestion on how to raise funds here) and click here for other assistance programs.

    • Both the applicant and the animal must live in the Los Angeles area.

    • If a grant is awarded, the grant recipient must be willing to provide updates and photos to A Dog’s Life Rescue.

Before submitting an application, notify the veterinary office that the applicant is seeking financial assistance and give them permission to release information to A Dog’s Life Rescue.

Note: The A Dog’s Life Rescue will only pay the veterinarian office that is treating the animal directly. 

*If an animal is in need of immediate care, where any delay will put the animal at risk, it is the owner’s responsibility and duty to seek care for the animal immediately. There is no guarantee that A Dog’s Life Rescue grant program will be able to provide financial assistance.  

Our grant application will be coming soon. However, in the mean time you can email us at

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Cat Community

Helping Cats in need

It all begins when someone neglects to spay or neuter.  Then one cat has babies, then another, then another and before even a year passes an area is flooded with stray cats.  Businesses and individuals in the area might become angry and frustrated with the multiplying cats but it's the poor cats that suffer terribly.  However, something can be done.  The answer is spay and neuter.   If everyone would do this right away then these situations would never happen but even after they do, spaying and neutering is still the key.  Our Community Cat Program is set up to support the management and care of feral cat colonies and individuals who are working to make a difference.   

A Dog’s Life Rescue has been working diligently with local business owners in several neighborhoods to better situations where cats have been abandoned. Through sterilization, vet care, placement of the tamable cats, and a ton of hard work, not only are hundreds of cats’ lives significantly improved, the population growth halted but the business owners and neighbors are all thrilled as well.   It really does take a village and together we can make a difference.