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Adoption Process

Thank you for wanting to adopt a new family member! Our adoption process includes an adoption application, a home check, an adoption contract and donation. All of our animals have been examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, micro-chipped and fixed. We take the time to get to know all of the animals that are in our rescue so if you see one that you are interested in adopting send us an email to or with any questions you might have and we will be happy to answer them and tell you all about that dog or cat. You can access our adoption applications by clicking the link below.

We are not holding adoption events at this time.

ADOPT! Meet our animals that are up for adoption.


Become a Foster Parent

We'd love for you to fall in love with one of our pets and adopt, but if you aren't ready to commit yet, there are other ways you can help these sweet little animals:

A Dog's Life Rescue is often in need of foster homes. Fostering is a wonderful way to enjoy the love and attention of an animal without making a permanent commitment and because we don't have a permanent facility, fostering is one of the most crucial elements to help us save more lives. To foster a dog or cat in need truly saves a life and helps us immensely in our efforts.

The first step is to fill out a foster application to help us match one of our animals in need with you and your lifestyle (links to download the applications are below). During the foster period A Dog's Life Rescue provides all food and supplies unless you wish to provide.


Things To Think about before adopting.

If you're thinking of adding a dog to your family, whether it's your first or third dog, it's still an exciting time.  But you always need to take the time to make sure you are ready for such a big responsibility.  Dogs are living, feeling and active beings that need a lot of attention, especially in the beginning.  Getting a dog is not something you should do spontaneously but something you need to prepare for and make sure everybody in your household is on the same page. Things you should seriously consider before you get a dog are: 

Do you have time for a dog right now?  Dogs need boundaries, affection and exercise, both mentally and physically.  You will need to put in extra time initially when acclimating the dog into your household to get them use to the routine.  They might have anxiety, chew things (puppies!) and will need training so it will be stressful at times, especially in the beginning.  So be prepared. 

Do you have the financial means to care for a dog?  Dogs can get sick or hurt themselves playing and before you know it you have a thousand dollar vet bill.  If you work long hours, you will have to get a dog walker or take your dog to doggie day care.  You can't just leave town on a whim, you now have to make arrangements and pay for somebody to care for your dog while your gone.  Pet food, beds, collars, leashes, etc all adds up and can get expensive so write out a budget before you get a dog and make sure it's doable.

When you move, are you ready to make that extra effort to find a pet friendly rental?  This is a big thing!  This is probably the number one reason we got from people when running the rescue on why they need to find a new place for their dog... "they moved into a place that doesn't allow pets."  This is NOT ok.  There are pet-friendly rentals out there, we know because we've moved numerous times ourselves on a fixed budget with our pets.  It might take more effort and time but it's completely doable.  If you don't think you want to make this effort or think if you are faced with this dilemma you would give up your dog or take them to a shelter, realize it now and DON'T get a dog (or pet of any kind).  Clearly this is a sensitive subject for us but it's because we've seen too many dogs given up for reasons such as this and it's irresponsible and the dog is the one that suffers.  We realize there are special circumstances where somebody becomes ill or falls on hard times and needs help (which brings up another good point to have a back up plan for your pet in case something happens to you) but if somebody just doesn't want to make that extra effort, it's not fair to get a dog or any pet.  There are websites that help people find pet friendly rentals. 

Are you ready?  If your answer is still YES, we're very excited for you!  Having a dog in your family is a blessing that you can learn so much from and will enhance your life. 


Ready to help?



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